Preparing Leaders

Youth Resources brings training and support to Urban Youth Workers.

Youth Resources has a Urban Youth 
Worker Training Cooperative. This training 
program is for volunteers, part time and full time 
youth workers and others that are concerned 
about helping to rescue our youth. Youth worker 
volunteers, part time workers and potential 
candidates usually have little to no training. In 
order to help get more individuals on the street 
working with youth we will start a monthly 
training program with a quarterly rotation with 
four training partners. 
Youth Resources will become a 
membership organization. As a 
membership organization this will 
be your organization – you will feel a 
sense of ownership. The membership 
dues will be very inexpensive to build 
critical mass. We will provide training thru a 
cooperative training network for those who are 
members at no additional charge other than 
membership dues. A nominal fee will be charged 
for non-members. 
This will give you and your church an opportunity 
to be more effective, encouraged, and to make a 
difference in the city for the Kingdom of Heaven.

Training Topics

  • Navigating  Technology
  • Community Building
  • In it for the Long Haul
  • Record keeping with Integrity
  • Theology for Your Students
  • Short Term Missions: Before, During, and After
  • Reaching Outside the
  • Church for Growth
  • The High Cost of Ignoring Training: How to Become a Life Long Learner
  • Interactive Learning: Get Your Bag of Tricks
  • Becoming a High Impact Teacher
  • Five Essentials for Training Volunteer: Teachers & Small Group Leaders
  • Teaching Youth to Pray and Having Fun Doing it!
  • Your Vision, Your Ministry Tomorrow
  • Raising Support to Fund Your Ministry
  • Urban Youth Workers’ Strategy Seminar
  • Mentoring: Making a Life Difference in Your Youth
  • First Things First: Keeping Balance in Your Life
  • Understanding The Hip Hop Generation
  • Community Engagement: Assessing Your Context
  • Spiritual Gifts/ Strength Finder: How does this Impact Your Ministry
  • The Importance of Accountability Groups & Mentors