Mighty 300

Become one of Ron & Becky’s Mighty 300

Become one of Ron & Becky’s Mighty 300

Be one of 300 Payer Supporters for Youth Resources to help win the war

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We want to raise 300 Prayer supporters to partner in prayer for Youth Resources

We are not interested in the amount of your support just that you will be a monthly supporter of ours.

We would hope that every time you make a donation it will also remind you to pray for us.

Every time we get notification that your gift has come in we will send you a thank you and prayer requests.

Gideon had his 300 men and David had his Thirty Seven.

David’s thirty seven were made up of his top 3. Then the next 4 and the balance of the 30 Mighty Men.

We want to develop three prayer supporters that will join at $300 or more.

Then we are looking for 4 that will join our mighty 300 at $200 or more.

To finish with the David’s 37 will be 30 that will join at $100.00 or more.

As great as that is, it will be important for us to develop the other 263 prayer supporters at $5.00 or more.

So I appeal to you to help us fight the battle that is being waged against the youth of the city to tear them down.

We want to build them up and watch the grow to become the men and women that God has called them to be.

To do that they will need fathers, mentors, and leaders to speak into there life.

The "Mighty 300"

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