About Us

Greetings Youth Workers of the Twin Cities. We want you to become part of the YR family.
Our next training is coming up soon (May 17th)

I would like to invite you to an organization that is dedicated to strengthening the Urban Youth Workers of the greater metropolitan area of St. Paul and Minneapolis. This is an organization founded and run by Ron McConico, a person that has been doing youth work for well over thirty years. His heart is to be a father to the fatherless and help those that have the same goal. Youth Resources was started in 1998 and has endeavored to encourage and provide training, resources, connections, fellowship and collaboration across the city.

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Being a member of Youth Resources brings you many advantages such as…

Tangible Resources that are available to check out

  • Cotton Candy Machine
  • Popcorn Machine x 2
  • Portable Sound System
  • Medium sized generator
  • LCD Projector
  • Trailer
  • Nacho Cheese Dispenser

Relationship Resources

  • Relationship with camps that will provide free use of their facility for small groups or planning or prayer retreats
  • Relationships with companies that have agreed to partner with Youth Resources to offer discounts or free supplies to be used in your ministry
  • Relationships with other ministries locally and nationally to help you get done what God has called you to do.
  • Monthly Youth Workers Lunches

Training and training partnerships – Our training partners are…

  • North Central University
  • Tentmakers
  • YWAM
  • North Western College
  • Here’s Life Inner City
  • DeVos

We offer monthly training where youth workers from across the city come together for training, collaboration, fellowship and encouragement. Ask yourself this question. – What would happen in the city if those that are concerned for the welfare of our youth would come together, pray, strategize and reach out to the city, nation and the world? For the answer come to one of our trainings.

Sponsorship and Scholarship Program

  • Event scholarships such as concerts, retreats games, and activities.
  • Youth Resources tries to secure scholarships for conferences and events for youth workers and their youth.
  • Youth Resources will be awarding up to $200,000.00 in scholarships / year through a foundation. This is for members of Youth Resources – Which includes you and your youth.

We also want to work with you to develop other resources, from Bible studies that have been created by you that you want to share, to resources that we have created.

Encouragement in your ministry to do all you can do to be the best you can be by developing… (for you)

  • Accountability Groups
  • Mentorship
  • Prayer Partners

For more information call or e-mail Ron at:

Ron McConico - phone: 612-529-0198 - email: ron@youthresources.ws - website: www.youthresources.ws

Don’t do ministry alone any longer. Get involved with Youth Resources and take advantage of the help that is available to you and make yourself available to help others.